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In late May of 2001, Kirstin Blaise Lobato (nicknamed "Blaze") defended herself from an would-be rapist by slashing at his groin. A little over than a month later, a homeless man named Duran Bailey was killed on or about July 8th, 2001. Among the many injuries contributing to his death was the severing of his member. That injury drew police to Kirstin, who was arrested for Bailey's very brutal murder based on her conversations about the May attack. She was eventually convicted of killing Bailey, despite overwhelming evidence of her innocence, and was sentenced to 40-100 years in prison at the age of 19.

One of the major aspects of this case is the consistent description of where these attacks occurred. When she was arrested, Kirstin told the police what was around her, what she saw, and that sort of thing. Everything in her description matches where she was living at the time, at a Budget Suite motel (4855 Boulder Highway in Las Vegas). Duran Bailey, on the other hand, was killed at the address of 4240 W Flamingo Rd.

In the transcript of Kirstin's statement to the police, one finds her description of the location:

Question: And when you said this struggle occurred, where did it first happen at, in the proximity of the parking lot?
Answer: Um, from Boulder Highway if you’re looking at it from Boulder Highway, like from where the shopping center is across the street say, right over here in the parking lot...Like right around from the fountain, it’s right in front there.
Q: And you are pointing to the left of the fountain?
A: Yeah, on the side…
Q: As you’re facing it from Boulder Highway?
A: Yeah…

Although distance has little to do with anything because these two events happened on different days, you can click here for a map. You can see that the two locations are all the way across Las Vegas from one another.

Now, if you did click on the map, red is where the attack on Kirstin took place, in the parking lot of the Budget Suites motel. The major road running diagonal northwest-southeast is Boulder Highway. You can see it does not come close to the green marker, which is where Duran Bailey was killed inside a gated enclosure used for dumpsters. That space has no roof or ceiling, no fountains, and no shopping centers in sight.

Kirstin also made reference to her attack happening in an enclosed space after the police arrested her. She referred to it many times in court as "a cave" next to where she was attacked. The arresting officer told the court that she noted the 10x10 foot cell they took her to take pictures to looked similar to the place next to where the attack had happened. Except the place of that attack looked smaller, and she could see an parking awning above her. The Budget Suites motel has parking awnings. The Nevada State Bank where Bailey was killed does too.

Now as for the cave and fountain both. Let's look at what is at the Budget Suites (my apologies for the poor quality).

The fountain in this is not easy to see because of the quality, but this is a copy of the actual picture used in court for the following line of questioning:

Q: What does this picture depict?
A: That is the cave and one side of the fountain. And there's a hole right in the center of the cave where more water flows down.
Q: There is some -- what am I pointing to right there (indicating), can you see?
A: That's one of the fountains.
Q: Is that water cascading down?
A: Yes, it is.

There's another picture of the parking awning next to this "cave" but it is far too large and of poor quality to bother putting up. And an Albertsons store (from the supermarket chain) is right across the way.

Now, on the other side of that tunnel is the section of the Budget Suites where the room Kirstin was staying in at the time could be found. She had two ways to go to that room from the motel parking lot: "You can walk through the fountain or you can walk around the sidewalk," she told the court.

Two ways to go. Now, Kirstin told a woman named Dixie about the attack. Dixie told the police this in her statement when they asked: "Did she say where this happened?"

"…I just know that she said that it was dark and I got the idea that it was between buildings or in an alley or something of that sort."

And later...

"I got the impression that she was taking a shortcut…I know that she made a reference to a shortcut."

So, let's check our scoreboard.

Budget Suites has: a fountain/waterfall, parking awnings, Boulder Highway, a shopping center across the road, and an enclosed space that also happens to be a shortcut to Kirstin's apartment.

Nevada State Bank has: a gated enclosure and parking awning.

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