The Wind Up Before The Pitch 

On Thursday - 6 days from now - Kirstin Blaise Lobato is going to be going before the district court for a bail hearing. This is the precursor to a new trial, due in mid-November. True justice could not hope for much better news, because justice has been severely damaged in this process. But as with any injury: if there is proper treatment, recovery can begin.

The case is not "in the bag" as they say, and yet the truth has wriggled and writhed in its attempt to emerge since this began. For example, the complete unreliability of the State's lead witness has been reinforced time and again by matters unrelated to Kirstin's case. That witness, who is both a proven perjurer and completely self-serving (this is obvious to anyone who researches Korinda Martin's history of antics) is the sole link between Kirstin and the murder she was blamed for. The rest of the case was mere speculation, springing from the imagination...from what could be possible. And nothing more. It is Martin's testimony alone that provides some measure of "proof." This is obvious even to the courts, who have rightly given Kirstin Lobato a new trial for that reason, because there is far more than enough cause to doubt Martin's poisonous accusations.

The truth will continue to emerge. I am confident of that. I am cynical enough to doubt almost every claim until given proof, and yet I know this case. I have studied its transcripts and its evidence. And it is because I have done so that I can say she is innocent of this crime, despite having been subjected to cruel fallacies within our law systems. We should all be concerned about those failings. Those pitfalls condemn the innocent, they are real, and Kirstin's case is a prime example. She is the one paying for it.

I rarely make absolute claims. To me, they are dangerous things, because possibility always exists, always lurks in the background of reality, no matter how much you may or may not believe something is true. But with the purest conviction I possess: I, a stranger to this woman, would lay every shred of credibility I have on the line to say she did not commit the crime that damns her.

No reservations.

No caveats.

No disclaimers.

Kirstin Blaise Lobato is innocent, and must be freed.

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