Some Current Events 

The delay for Kirstin's appeal has ended. It has been rescheduled for March 8th at 9:00 am. Kohn will be handling her appeal, and it may be months before they come to a decision. Though I hope it will be sooner.

The message board has gone, apparently due to problems with the web server. The main campaign web pages are still up, and through them you can contact campaign team members who will be willing to answer any questions they can. Also, information on how to help with Kirstin's case can be found there.

Korinda Martin, the prosecution's only compelling witness in Kirstin's case, is in the news over an accusation about a guard getting her pregnant. I have no doubt that there are some people disappointed that she wasn't caught lying about the pregnancy, because of anger over her perjury during Kirstin's trial, but these are separate issues. Martin doesn't really have to lie about her pregnancy, because it obviously happened.

But what amazes me is that her need for deception on her own behalf still sneaks through. I honestly think that Martin has some sort of clinical problem with lying.

While the investigation implies that it was consensual, Martin's lawsuit alleges that she "could not resist the sexual demands of Randy Easter due to the inherent power and control prison guards have over prisoners in a prison environment." Yet the Nevada justice system is looking at prosecuting both of them. That would imply that they have reason to believe the sexual contact happened consensually.

Then again, I've found increasingly hard to trust the judgment of Nevada courts. No doubt, some rare guards do use that sort of overpowering influence for sexual reasons, and I would not want to belittle the true victims of such a tragedy. Nevertheless, due to everything I've learned about Martin, it would not surprise me to find that she is simply trying to turn the situation to her advantage no matter what the truth is by using her "ex-lover" as leverage against her own criminal status.

After all, some people never change.

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