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What a pleasant surprise. Wow. That's big.

I have been counting down the days until Kirstin's appeal, on January 13th. It would be nice to be there for support, if I could be, but I will be anxious to find out how it goes. Just to be clear on where we stand (for those who are curious): having the entire thing thrown out would be the absolute best, but I think settling for a re-trial would do. Either way, it is up to Kohn et al, who was her defense attorney the first time around. Not enough money was raised for her to afford an appellate lawyer, so Kohn is what she's got.

The Under Our Wings conference has come and gone. According to Michelle, lots of people heard about this and said they would try to get the word out, but there are still quite a few T-Shirts and bumper stickers. The price for these are $25.00 US, which includes shipping and handling for both a shirt and a bumper sticker. All profits will go to her legal defense fund (Email mailto:Justice4kirstin@cox.netto order or for more information).

It's never too late to help if you can, however you can, ladies and gentlemen. Kirstin has the right to switch lawyers even in the midst of an appeal, so please don't think that because her appeal is coming up soon money for her defense fund isn't going to help at this point. She could still use a better lawyer. And also, the shirts and stickers can certainly help get the word out, and the more support that is gathered, the more likely it becomes that we can reverse this injustice.

Letters and emails to the governor can also be of aid, especially this close to the appeal. At the very least, we must remind the government that being tough on crime must not include the incarceration of innocents. For a politician to recognize this shows that he or she has the wisdom and strength of character to fight for the people without harming the people. So sending a letter to the governor does say something, even if (or perhaps especially if) you do not live in Nevada. The power of globalization and access to media forums such as weblogs means many parts of the world can be watching - and reacting to - a politician's actions or inactions on any matter of importance. Kirstin's case is such a matter.

To all those who have helped already, you are to be commended for your efforts and actions. I thank you for standing up for the rights of the innocent and the ideals of justice.

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