Alright, because the campaign has been picking up steam, so to speak, I think more people are going to want to know more about the things that Kirstin Lobato's supporters say show her innocence. From the start, and especially after reading the court transcripts, I've done a lot of writing about those matters on this blog.

Which, of course, is the problem. I've talked a little too much.

I mean, there's a wealth of information here, but its kind of scattered and disjointed. Plus, I try to avoid repeating the same things over and over. So it's hard to find entries if you're looking for a particular subject. While it is all well and good if you want to read the whole blog - it would make me very happy, anyways - I'd completely understand if the average person popping over here from a link doesn't have the time to peruse what is probably by now several miles of text.

That said, I'm going to attempt an index today. That'll be today's entry, but I'm also going to try and put it on the sidebar. I don't know how successful I'll be with that. Just in case, though, what follows is the list of subjects from the most recent to the earliest, referenced by the date they were written. These are the things that deal directly with the events of Kirstin's trial...I'm leaving out my general commentary on how the system runs, etc.

The Archives to the right should provide access to the various dates (though I see that, for some reason, some of the the earliest entries have vanished).

Kirstin's "Confession," Why Her Statement Happened - 11/10/03
Lack of Evidence in the Forensic Analysis of the Crime Scene - 11/6/03
Lack of Evidence in the Forensic Analysis of Blood Evidence - 10/24/03
Lack of Evidence in the Medical Analysis of the Victim - 10/21/03
The List of Alibis - 10/15/03 (second part, entitled Reasonable Doubt - Part 5)
The Jailhouse Informant, Courtroom Perjury - 10/13/03
Time Constraint: Getting To Vegas From Panaca - 10/10/03
Forensic Evidence Excluding Kirstin - 10/7/03
The Purposeful Misuse of Facts by the Prosecution - 10/2/03 (second part, entitled Reasonable Doubt - Part 2)
More Manipulation by the Prosecution - 10/1/03
Kirstin's "Confession," How it Actually Supports Her Innocence - 9/24/03
The Blatant Addition of a Ridiculous Charge - 9/18/03
The Jailhouse Informant, What the Jury Never Got to Hear - 9/12/03
The Plea Deal (And Idealism at Work) - 8/29/03
The Reality of Kirstin's Drug Use, and Getting Clean - 8/25/03

and finally

How the Court-Appointed Defense Team Screwed This Up - pick any random date, you're likely to find something.

Sorry. I couldn't resist. But on a similar note, the defense lawyer for Gideon (from Gideon vs. Wainwright), died recently. That landmark case gave us the right to an attorney's counsel always, even if the court must provide that attorney.

So, now I'll try the sidebar thing. Wish me luck.

(Oh, and because it was erased, here's a repeat of my first blog entry. Call me nostalgic.)

What This Is About

There is a young woman in Nevada that I don't really know. I've never met her. I've never spoken to her, never received a letter or an email from her. I don't even know whether or not she knows I exist. But what I do know about her is that her story needs to be shared.

Kirstin Lobato's story isn't a happy one, at all. So few are these days; we all have times of pain and struggle in our lives, because life doesn't quite work right sometimes. And no matter who understands or doesn't understand, it is always very real to us, and who we are.

Which is exactly the point. A personal nightmare can belong to any one of us, or to someone we know and love. Friend, family, co-worker. Doesn't matter. It happens in life. And when it does, that silent suffering seems inescapable.

You know what I'm talking about.

If I have useful skill, it is to give a voice to those stories that need a voice. That's why I'm here. That's what I am doing. Click the link, and read about this particular injustice. Even if you doubt it would happen to you or those you care about, this is one of those dark, silent places where people fell when they shouldn't have. A place where no one can truly understand, and very few seem to care. We all know that place.

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