Oh yeah...Kirstin's birthday is on the 14th of this month. Birthday cards from supporters would probably be a nice surprise. You can find her mailing address here.

Hey everyone...I hope your holidays are going well.

As you may have guessed, I've been rather busy lately. It started with inventory, and now I'm doing internal auditing. That's the problem with having a seasonal product. During the slow down period all the busy work gets done, and I get dragged into it.

But enough of my whining. This campaign has been gaining momentum. In part, this is because of people like Michelle and Helen, who have been fighting an uphill battle to promote awareness (and I know there have been others deeply involved as well, my apologies for not mentioning everyone by name). But there's another very important side to this as well.

Those who have had the opportunity to learn about the details of this case agree that this was a severe injustice.

Not just family and friends, but also others - such as myself - who had no relationship to anyone involved. For whatever reason, such people choose to fight on this battleground for the ideals of justice. But if this fight were based on self-deception...that is, powered by little more than a desire to merely believe Kirstin is innocent...none of the work done on her behalf would have stayed afloat for very long. These efforts have remained strong because those who know the case realize the argument is truly based on valid facts.

Cynicism has its place. I know that, and I applaud it. But I also know it has no place here, because cynicism has challenged the aspects of this case and each time found that the truth is still standing. That's the measure of truth, a way to recognize it. Under any reasonable assault by logic and investigation, the webs of deception tend to crumble.

That said, it's really too bad our court system has little to do with the truth. See my last blog for more on that.

Anyhow, here are a few important links:

If you want to know more, or if you want to ask questions, go to the forum. People there can and will answer any questions you have about what has been going on, including those pesky "How do you know?" kinds of things. Many people who frequent that site know a lot about what has gone on.

The Justice4Kirstin campaign will be attending the Under Our Wings annual conference, in Las Vegas. Helen will be speaking there. Under Our Wings concentrates on juvenile reform, but its founder, Bishop Masters, has shown substantial interest in Kirstin's case.

The front page of Expository Magazine has an article written by Helen about the history behind Kirstin's case. It does a great job summarizing the events that led up to the trial, as well as the subsequent events that led to this outrageous 40-year incarceration of a teenage girl.

Michelle did an interview with Erica Johnson (a reporter for the Las Vegas Sun) who was writing an article on using the Internet to reach out on a defendant's behalf. Find that article here.

This is not a summary of everything that has been accomplished. All of these are recent events, the emerging fruits of a long and hard labor. But there is no more crucial time than now to get involved, if you can think of a way your personal talents might give some aid. Kirstin's appeal is close, set for January 13th. I really wish it was someone other than Phil Kohn representing her again (sorry, Michelle, I know I should be sending positive energy his way...but I'll send it to Kirstin instead).

As always, we'll do what we can and hope for the best. I want to shut this site down someday.

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