Liar, Liar

Ms. DiGiacomo and Mr. Kephart are the prosecutors. Their witness is Korinda Martin.

MS. DIGIACOMO: Okay. You recall speaking to Mr. Kephart regarding what you wanted, a parole board letter?
Q (By Ms. DiGiacomo) And what was it that he told you?
A He said he couldn't promise me anything.
Q And, in fact did he say anything regarding perjury? Do you remember that?
A Yes.
Q What did he say?
A He say that if I perjure myself he was going to prosecute me.

Martin did commit perjury on the stand, right in front of Kephart. He knows it because the proof was presented right in front of him, too. Yet she has no charges of perjury on her record a year and a half later. What a couple of liars those two are.

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