Let's say I had a $100 bill. Would you want it? I mean, no strings attached. Just "Hey, do you want a hundred bucks?"

Okay, yeah...why not? Well, what if I crushed it up into a little ball? Would you still take it?

And what if I threw it on the ground and stomped on it? Would it still be worth something to you?

Well, it is a hundred dollars...probably useful for something. But would you still want it if I told you that the guy I got it from directs porn movies? Or that this bill was used in a drug deal? Or that once it was exchanged for a stolen DVD player?

I'm guessing you would still take the hundred. And why not? It still has value, no matter what its history was, or what it's gone through. Same thing tends to hold true for human beings. We get crushed. We get stomped on and rubbed in the dirt. Sometimes our history isn't all that clean. But whether clean or dirty, worn down or crisp and new, we still have value.

Just a thought.

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