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I will continue with the Reasonable Doubt posts, but I have ben a bit pressed on time this week. Luckily, some of the people who are part of this campaign have put one of the issues in question about Kirstin Lobato's trial to the test, and I will post that here today.

A short background: The Lobato family's elderly neighbors, who live across the way, have habit of taking walks every day. They would have testified to seeing Kirstin's car - the one the proscutor's say she drove before and after killing Duran Bailey in Las Vegas - in her driveway the evening of July 7th and the morning of July 8th. I say would have because, as usual, the defense team didn't get them on the witness list in a timely fashion, and so the prosecution was able to block their testimony. Either way, due to other witnesses, the only time Kirstin was without an alibi was in the early hours of the morning (see "Kirstin's Story" for a timeline). Having a few hours to drive down to Vegas at most, she could not have made it in time to get there and back. But there is this "shortcut," that takes some time off...

Written by Michelle:

FYI, Carolyn, her husband and kids, and I took the drive to Panaca on Sat Oct 4th to see just how long it actually takes to drive it.

We also took the Rainbow Canyon Cut Off, which someone noted during the trial, took an hour off the trip.

Helen plans to post the pictures and the timeline of the trip sometime soon, so look for them to show up.

The bottom line is at the very least the trip takes 2 hrs 45 mins using Hwy 93. Each Way.

So much for that 5 hrs and 15 mins being enough time for her to drive each way, find and murder the guy. We won't even address the fact that the ME stated the head wounds were made 2 hrs prior to his death and his penis was severed after his death. Which means she would have had to be at the scene for at least 2 hrs.

The Rainbow Canyon Cut Off, although beautiful, wouldn't take any less time, unless you were traveling during the day, on a quad or dirt bike.

My car is a SUV, 4 wheel drive. It took us longer to drive the 37 miles of dirt road than taking Hwy 93. No way could it have taken her less time in a Fiero (closer to the ground, old suspension, headlights lower to the ground).

I am not a stranger to driving dirt roads. I lived in a very rural part of California for quite some time. I had a hard time getting over 45 miles an hour without a loss of manuverablility. There isn't a street light to be seen anywhere, and the terrain just seems to suck up the light from your headlights. My High beams were on the entire way. The road curves a lot. I had 3 adults and 2 kids in my car. More weight = more traction.

When we inquired about the cut off in Caliente, the first words out of the womans mouth were "It rained last night, so it may be unusable" . I did not tell her why I wanted to take it or who I was either.

Remember that in July of 2001 it rained and/or thunderstormed for about a week between 7/2 and 7/8. The road would have been completely washed out in many places.

These are the results of the Carolyn and Michelle play Nancy Drew saga.

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