Okay, before I go any further, I want to note that I have recently been able to review the court transcripts. Though I am not finished with that, I feel I must openly admit that some writing in my earliest blogs contained discrepencies not in line with the court documents, but were instead inferred based on the information I had gathered. There were very few. I am not going to recant any one those past statements, though, for these reasons:

1). I meant them when I said them. I am doing this only in the interest of honest disclosure.

2). Because the statements of concern are primarily incorrect because I took creative liberties in how I presented them, NOT in writing about facts, such errors do not shift the focus of the argument or weaken any value of evidence presented on Kirstin Lobato's behalf. Therefore, I think the effect is very minimal in terms of damaging this blog's intent.

3). I shall be reviewing many of these subjects again on this blog, utilizing the the court transcripts.

If anyone wants to know precisely what these discrepencies are, email me, and I will be glad to explain them in full detail. This admission shouldn't apply to the most recent blogs (from the past week or so).

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